Scrapping Your Car Legally

There are many ways to dispose of your vehicle and the choice is of course in your hands, however, the better option is the legal option! This is where Bagillt Car Spares come in!

The benefits of coming to us are many, here’s a taste of what we offer our customers and why we retain so many customers:

We will collect your vehicle and bring it to the Bagillt Car Spares scrap yard. Here all of the paperwork will be fully and legally processed in order to ensure that the vehicle’s details are transferred from your name and into ours. This will confirm that you are no longer responsible for the vehicle. You will be issued with a certificate of destruction for your vehicle so that you can be assured that you are no longer the registered keeper.

You can also bring your vehicle into the Bagillt Car Spares scrap yard and we, again, can process your vehicle as stated above.

We have direct links to various registered DVLA websites and in particular the vehicle scrapping ATF online site. Most processes only take a matter of minutes so there is no stress!

The important thing to note here is that as long as your name is on the V5C/registration document you are still responsible for that vehicle. Take the worry out of disposing of your vehicle and come to us here at Bagillt Car Spares to get it all done correctly and legally.